About BoeBoe Bath Salts Ingredients

What is Magnesium Sulphate?

Magnesium Sulphate is commonly referred to as Epsom salt and is a mineral that has been used for medical purposes for centuries around the world.

Magnesium is a naturally-occurring mineral that our bodies need to regulate more than 300 enzymes and reactions. However, our bodies do not produce magnesium on its own. Due to an imbalance of nutrients in the foods we eat, most people, and babies and kids alike, are magnesium deficient.

In water, Magnesium Sulfate breaks down into magnesium and sulfate, which is then absorbed through the skin. The skin is the body’s largest organ and has an amazing ability to absorb and deliver nutrients to our body and to filter toxins. When the skin has rashes, eczema, is dry or has other problems, this is often a sign of deeper issues within the body.

It is widely believed that the benefits of Magnesium Sulphate are endless, and include:

  • Aiding the release of melatonin, which improves sleep
  • Increases serotonin levels, which is required to help regulate moods and conveys the positive sensations of satisfaction and relaxation
  • Corrects calcium deficiencies which is required for the formation of healthy bones
  • Relaxes the nervous system
  • Improves concentration and brain function
  • Increases immune function
  • Regulates enzyme activities and digestion
  • Eases muscle aches and joint pains
  • Has headache relieving properties
  • Is a natural anti-inflammatory and speeds up wound healing
  • Improves nutrient and mineral absorption
  • Eases eczema, psoriasis and other skin problems
  • Soothing for children with autism
What is Sodium Bicarbonate?

Sodium Bicarbonate, or baking soda, is a mixture of sodium ions and bicarbonate ions. Due to its high alkalinity, sodium bicarbonate can help with detoxing the skin, which in turn, assists a number of common health issues.

It is believed that adding baking soda to a bath can be beneficial for many conditions including:

  • Preventing eczema flare-ups
  • Reducing skin inflammation, irritation and itchiness
  • Soothing diaper rash
  • Offering anti-bacterial and anti-fungal properties
What is cornstarch?

Cornstarch has been used as a home remedy for eczema and nappy rash for many decades. It is also commonly used to relieve itchy skin.

What is SLSa?

SLSa, the abbreviation of Sodium Lauryl Sulfoacetate, is an ingredient in BoeBoe Bubbling Bath salts, which creates bubbles. SLSa is derived from coconut and palm oils and is a safe and skin friendly ingredient. Because of its large molecular size, it does not penetrate the skin or mucuos membranes, so it does not cause skin irritation, like many other products do.

Most bath products use SLS (Sodium Laureth Sulfate) to create bubbles in their products. SLS has a small molecular structure and, therefore, penetrates the skin easily and is a skin irritant to sensitive skins.

This is, however, not the case for Boeboe Bubbling Bath Salts, which does not include any SLS, but only includes the best and safest ingredients, to prevent irritation to the skins of our little Boeboes.