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5 Amazing Epsom Salt Health Benefits For Kids

1.  Fight Colds Fast At the first signs of a cold, I give my kids a good and relaxing epsom salt bath. This is our best and most effective way to fight a cold or flu. It really works for us. All you need is 1/2 cup of Epsom salt, and 2 tablespoons of baking soda (*Optional. To help... continue reading

Salt Baths for Eczema Treatment

SALT BATHS FOR ECZEMA TREATMENT The National Eczema Association recommends salt baths for eczema.  Many eczema sufferers report a decrease in itching, inflammation and redness. These same individuals may also find relief enjoying a soak at the ocean. Salt is natural and therapeutic and has a cleansing effect.  If your baby or child suffers from... continue reading

Tips to Make Bath Time Fun

Tips and Tricks to Make Bath Time Fun Getting dirty is a childhood right; for some, the dirtier the better.  Add outdoor play into the mix and you have childhood nirvana!  Remember what it was like to get dirty outside?  Between outdoor sports, gardening with your grandparents, and digging for worms, the possibilities for getting... continue reading

Help Your Baby Sleep Through the Night

Your heart may swell with love when you watch your baby sleeping. She looks so sweet and innocent. Your heart may race, though, when you can’t get her to stay asleep all night or at times when you really want her to nap or sleep.You can ease your stress and better prepare to set your baby's sleep schedule by understanding which parts... continue reading